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Our goal is to get student-athletes recruited by their “best fit” colleges.

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Our goal is to help each student-athlete find an opportunity that is the best experience of their life, provide them with everything they want in a college and more and to propel them on the career and life path they desire.

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With 24 years of experience coaching and recruiting at the college level we have seen it all when it comes to college recruiting and are able to rely on this experience to help navigate the intricacies of the recruiting process and to understand the realities.

TSA Recruiting Events

First and foremost, our camps are designed to help prospects be properly evaluated and noticed by coaches. We feature a vast network of coaches and have invited nearly 400 college coaches to attend from all divisions of college soccer:  NCAA I, NCAA II, NCAA III, NAIA and NJCAA.

We believe there is a proper college fit and soccer program for everyone that wants to play. The trick is finding that “perfect fit”.


Camps are designed to help prospects be properly evaluated and noticed by coaches.

Professional Quality

Run by experienced college coaches who know what scouts are looking for.

Video Gameplay

Our events are recorded and available for campers to use as highlight recruitment videos


Class of 2021 Savings

Class of 2021 clients saved an average of $26,000 dollars on college costs by working with TSA Recruiting.

What Our Players Say

Coach Rothert has been involved with college recruiting since he graduated college. He knows the ins and outs of the minds of high school student athletes and encourages them to vocalize their thoughts about their college decision. During my time working with Coach Rothert, I witnessed him work with hundreds of high school students who are navigating the college recruitment process and he truly values the important decision teenagers have to make for their future.

Kevin CaversFormer Student-Athlete

More than 65% of college coaches prefer to start targeting prospects during the sophomore year or earlier.

Have you started your recruiting process? We are here to help if you’re just beginning or 95% of the way there.

Frequently Asked Questions


The college coach is looking for an athlete that will fit in and help the program succeed. Coaches want to keep their jobs, receive promotions, and get better jobs. Success on the field is their best way of doing this. Most often college
coaches are looking for athletes who are difference-makers. The higher the level of play the larger the emphasis will be on measurables (speed, size, raw data). Safe, reliable, hard working, and dedicated athletes can often be overlooked, especially early in the recruiting process. Every program is searching for the raw, unpolished, superstar is the waiting.

This can be frustrating to college prospects as athletes with height and weight and athleticism may get attention over STUDENT athletes that frankly are just better high school players. Program positional needs and timing can also play a role in what coaches are looking for at a specific time. Remember your agenda is to play college sport and receive a quality education. Coaches may have a different agenda so use your head and evaluate each situation. What situation is best for you and feels right? Ask each college coach what they are looking for and where they see you fitting in.

The most important part of recruiting process is finding the right ‘fit’ between a coaching staff, school, and athlete.


It’s essential. Due to budget and time restraints coaches are not able to see most prospects in person. They depend on video in order to initially evaluate prospects they recruit. Sure there are college coaches who prefer to see each prospect in person either at games, recruiting events, or their camps. However, even in those cases the highlight video is used to introduce an athlete to the coach so the in person evaluation can happen later.

It’s essential to have a concise and easily viewable highlight video if you are a serious college prospect.


For the overwhelming majority of potential college athletes, athletic aid will be the smallest amount of aid given. Remember, it’s the bottom line price, not how much athletic scholarship money a school gives you, that is most important!

There are four categories of aid (Need-Based, Academic, Athletic, and Leverage). Need Based Aid can come from the government to be used at any school or from the individual school. It is based on your family’s Expected Family Contribution (EFC, a figure calculated by the US Dept of Education) and can come in the form of grants, loans, and work-study.

Academic Aid is based on a specific College or University’s interest in you and considers your SAT/ACT, GPA, and Curriculum.

Athletic Aid is based on a specific College or University’s interest in you and a specific ability in athletics.

Leverage Aid is based on a specific College or University’s interest in you and the relative offers you may have received from competitive schools. This type of aid is not need, academic, or athletic- it’s simply business.

The more financial aid offers you have the more leverage you will have.

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